This way of generating and recording what Nancy had long called “notes on notes” allowed us to continue conversations, ask questions, and remain engaged between the weekly meetings.  

With only a month left in the semester, we sought ways to produce or facilitate more of these productive discussions. Since conflicting schedules ruled out holding additional weekly meetings, we decided to return to WebBoard. By this point, our WebBoard space now housed dozens of fieldnotes, but we agreed to focus only on those the student ethnographers considered most important. To develop and analyze these notes, we used the “comment” and “track changes” features in Microsoft Word. (Chapter 3)

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  Notes on Interview with Cynthia Oliver (PDF, 60kb)  
  Notes on Interview with Imani Bazzell (PDF, 72kb)  
Notes from Anti-Chief Event
  Read the rest of the field notes (PDF, 56 kb)