...Threaded communication would become the heart of the EBC archive...  
  Campus InformationTechnologies and Educational Services (CITES) at UIUC describes Webboard as:  
  A conferencing system used in business and education for online communication. Our installation of WebBoard requires a login and password for access. Unlike email, WebBoard messages are posted in web sites that structure online conversations in ways that encourage collaborative dialogue. This structure comes from the use of distinctly titled and themed conference areas and by “threading,” a term that describes the way that a “new post” serves as the start of a new “topic” thread that includes indented “replies” beneath the new post.  
  Using Webboard  

Beyond storing an archive of fieldnotes, group communication, and documents, we hoped that WebBoard would also function as an online space for group communication between meetings. Specifically, we hoped that online conversation would help us to extend and synthesize our initial thoughts, to reflect collectively on our findings, and even to begin sketching the themes of this report. (Chapter 3)

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