The Ethnography of the University  
  EUI then EOTU, a campus-wide initiative that sponsors undergraduate research on the university and archives it in web-accessible format, began as a group of about twenty students, staff, and faculty who met eighteen times during the 2002-03 academic year under the auspices of the Center for Advanced Studies. This working group’s goal was to think about how to conduct ethnographic research on universities and how, in turn, to create a lasting web-based repository for those research findings. (Chapter 3)  
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  From EOTU to EBC  
  In the midst of the EUI pilot phase, as EUI’s coordinators were still learning how to guide student research and manage the technical details of the Inquiry Page, Judith Ramaley, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation (Education and Human Resources Directorate), visited The U of I. Dr. Ramaley helped the coordinators realize that EUI was well-suited to the task of documenting innovative programs on campus, and the innovative program that had most intrigued her during her campus visit was none other than the Brown v. Board of Education Jubilee Commemoration. Her insight seeded EBC: soon after, EUI was contracted to document the Brown Commemoration. (Chapter 3)  
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