Rene Bangert's Field Notes on the Library Exhibit  
  In the Main Library Hall, there were 6 display cases about Brown. Many people walked by without so much as a glance. On African American woman stops briefly reads something, intakes sharply, and continues on. Others give sideways glances.

There are many books on display, such as Separate But Equal, Through My Eyes, by Ruby Bridges, The War Against Children of Color, The First “R”How Children Learn Race and Racism, Color Complex, and The Last Integrationist. An older white man stops and reads the display.

There is a symbol of a Sankota, a West African Bird, that symbolizes reaching back and gathering the best of the past to teach us while at the same time moving forward. [This reminds me of Lakota Harden, an American Indian activist who said American Indians are always looking back, never forward, which hurts them.]

One display case has a black doll and a white doll. There is information on Kenneth Clark’s tests. It was interesting to see the questions they asked the children.

There are many statistics from both the past, such as from Claredon County, and from today, concerning Affirmative Action etc. One statistic that struck me was in 2002, only 17% of blacks over 25 have a bachelors degree or higher.

[I take a few pictures of the things in the displays and the displays in general but I am not a very good photographer and am not sure what to take a picture of.]
Photos by Rene Bangert