My UIUC Story
Shawn Robbins

    I think this is the a very good university to start off this is mainly the reason why I choose to come here but the school isn’t perfect by far. Like most things in life there are flaws, and being a minority I can see most of them. There is a great divide among the students here in this school and town. Since this university is the greatest game in town most students here seem to have an arrogant flare about themselves, I know personally because I spent a year at Parkland Community College and the student body there seems totally different, looking at it from a black perspective. I really don’t exactly know where I fit in here that’s a very hard question to answer but I’m dealing with it.
     A lot of non-university students and towns people alike act as if they have something to prove every time there is a black gathering. Educationally this isn’t a problem for the university but it is one socially, and it does affect most minorities, because we need some sort of outlet. There are some issues that dwell here in Champaign that incoming freshman really are not prepared for.
     I really don’t agree with some of the things that the university does to ease our tenure here at the university, mainly homecoming, the black student government created the African American homecoming so we could enjoy the festivities as well as the majority. It wasn’t a big idea to me until I had some friends come down to for homecoming weekend and they said that they never seen anything like that before, it was a shock to me to say none-the-less.
     To elaborate on the statement where do I fit in the university I would say that I fit in fine considering the circumstances.