The English Building
Andrew Roback

     I chose to photograph the English Building since it is not only my favorite building on Campus, but it is also where I spend the majority of my time during the week. With my exterior photograph, I tried to capture the trees surrounding the building and the scholarly aura that it emits. I felt that the view from the southeast comer (quad side) of the building captured this best, since the building is obscured by trees and the brown brickwork and veranda are visible.
     My interior shot of the building was taken in the Mary Kay Peer Lounge, where the swimming pool used to be located when the building was still a women's dormitory. I feel that this is the central point of the building, and the most modern and finished area with its glass skylight and luminescent environment. I included the Daily lllini in the bottom fringe of my picture to represent the atmosphere conducive to reading, whether for school or pleasure.
     During my brief five minute ethnography. I observed a group of English undergrads discussing a project for one of their classes. They sat in one of the circular formations of couches and talked with much enthusiasm about their readings, and then left to go their own separate ways. Had I not observed the lounge during a Friday afternoon, it would have been a nexus of activity with people coming and going from the vending area in the rear of the lounge, and many more readers busily absorbing knowledge from their volumes.