Busey-Evans Residence Hall

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Excerpts from Busey-Evans and Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls
by LaTasha Johnson

    Busey Evans and Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall will be the two places  of my investigation. When you first step inside the lobby of Busey  Evans it feels very confined and restricted place where you need an ID to  get to everything. If you don't have access to Busey Evans or aren't with someone who lives in Busey Evans, you are going no further than the lobby. The noise level was at the absolute minimum where you really heard nothing of anyone talking or making any noise at all. Everyone who I saw there appeared to have these blank face expressions as if they are these very unadventurous and traditional people who have a one track mind to go to school, work and come back to their dorm. There are at the most three or four people at one time walking through the lobby. Busey Evans isn't really a very exciting place.

     Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall is the complete opposite of Busey Evans. It is a much larger place, very spacious, lively environment with a very laid back attitude. Residents there don't seem stressed about anything. Not at all up tight like the females at Busey Evans. At Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall when you first walk in you see a very big living room space where you see about twenty people at a time or more in there congregating and having a good time.

    In the lobby surrounding the main desk these two halls are viewed in two totally different ways. Not that they're viewed differently, it is just that they are different places and people act very different in the two environments. While Busey Evans is a very secluded area like it is a private sanctuary where only members go because of the locked doors to everything, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall lobby is a place where everyone from everywhere comes and everyone is very open and casual where you hear people talking and laughing with each other freely. Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall lobby always has some one in the lobby at all times no matter what time it is there is someone walking in or going out. For some strange reason there is always a group of guys in the lobby or right outside the building, "posted"?. These men are students of the university, who are looking for some females to become united with and what better place to look at than an all girl dormitory. They would just sit there talking and joking around scoping out any girls that they might be interested in and sometimes follow up on their interest and try to talk to the female. They would pretty much be there for long periods of time as if they live there, right there in an all girl dormitory and they were the only exception. Majority of the time they're not even visiting anyone. They are just there to view the scenery and see what they can get into.