Gregory Hall
Teresa Ramos

     The building I chose to map was Gregory Hall. I chose this building because it is the one building 1 have frequented the most during my four years here. I work in the Communications Library, which is located on the north-west corner of the building. I am going to take my 5-minute observation from the west stairs of the main hallway in Greg. Starting at 10:48am, I will take my observation at this time because the hallway will be somewhat quiet for the next two minutes. This is when you can notice the green and black diagonal designs on the floors of the building. There are one or two footprints and a few carpets near the doorway to the halls. There are quite a few bulletin boards in the first floor hallway giving information about the different happenings in the College ofCommunication. The department offices are located on the first floor of this building.
     Now the bell has gone off and students shuffle out of their classrooms. You can hear the noise of the backpacks, the intensity of the chatter, and the movement of bodies all around, the thumping of feet down the stairs. Half of the people are standing idly about talking to one another and making themselves a physical hindrance to the other half of people who are walking with determination to get either in or out of the building. My observation time stops at 10:53 even though this goes on until 10:57 or so when the people in the hallways clear out. There are only one or two stragglers left and a couple
more scuff marks present on the floor.

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