Andrew Roback

     I decided on a three dimensional view from the west side of the quad, overlooking the
area between Green St, and Armory along Wright. At the center of the map is the
English Building, which I renamed "my other home" because I spend the majority of my
day there. It is also the only building in color and defined with darker marks, since it is
the only building of substance and character on this university for me.
     I included Engineering Hall because I go there every Tuesday and Thursday for
EOTU, but it is significantly smaller than all of the other buildings because I feel like the
class is the only association I have with it. I renamed Engineering Hall "wrong side of
green hall" because Green Street is the border between the engineering campus and the
rest of the school.
    I drew the main library off to the side in a diminutive fashion similar to
Engineering Hall. I drew only the front of the northwest entrance because that is where I
enter for work every Monday and Wednesday. I renamed the library "the sweat shop"
because it gets very hot in the bookstacks where I work.
     Finally, I included the Union and Quad, which are more of a singular unit to me
since the represent the "common" buildings where students gather to study and relax.
I renamed the Union "the hotel lobby" since the furniture and atmosphere remind me of
such a place. I renamed the Quad "the front yard", because it all the people relaxing and
playing catch or Frisbee reminds me of the front yard of my old house.
     The path I depict shows that after EOTU in Engineering Hall, I travel to the union
to eat and then to the English Building for another class. On Monday and Wednesday, I
am in the English Building all day and then I walk to work at the Main Library.