Nathan Scholes

     My daily journey begins at noon in the basement of the Krannert Art Museum. I did not know that the Krannert Art Museum held classes, especially classes in sport psychology.
      After surviving the lecture (the professor tends to pick people to answer his questions), I venture across campus to Illini Union, where I splurge on overpriced food and drink with no real nutritional value. After scrounging around for nickels and pennies to find my food, I usually want to sit and read, so I either walk to the English building computer lab to read online articles (, news, etc.) or if I'm in a really inquisitive mood, I may even read a book at the Illini Union Bookstore. Then I trek over to the Psychology building for my social psychology laboratory. I finally finish my day around 4 p.m. or so and then I wait around until I go to work at the Survey Research Laboratory on Green Street from 5:30-9:30 every night.