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In this picture, within the limits of this picture, it seems the only ethnicity present is white, anglo-saxon people. If that assumption is incorrect, I would put money on it that more than 75% of the attendees are white. Are the target audiences of this event only white people, if not, then why aren't other ethnicities present? It may be that it is taking place in a predominately white population. It makes me think about what kind of community event this might be. What is this event? Most any event is for the benefit of the attendees and presenters, most likely in what they "want" or "desire", not what they "need." -Ho Nguyen

It seems like a craft show in a park or on campus, in the summertime. -Linda Akutsu

It's around 6 PM (shadows) and college-age kids and families are attending a late-spring or summer (attire; green trees) arts and crafts fair (merchandise) probably in the Midwest (vegetation); photo probably taken within the last two years (attire). -Steven A. Bluhm

Browsers & sellers; killing time; browsers are curious; sellers want to make $; people are not related except that they are all human; public park; safe environment; early morning or late afternoon -Sharon O'Brien

The presence of both children and adults suggests to me a community event. The numerous tables with umbrellas and/or display stands, as well as the significant amount of people, call to mind a public event, such as a craft show, festival, or fair. The condition of the trees and grass, as well as the sunshine on the landscape and people's attire, lead me to believe the event is taking place in either the spring or summer (but more likely during the summer). The relationship between the two women standing and the one woman sitting is perhaps one of prospective buyers and seller, respectively.
The two standing women appear interested in the items on the table, as the one women is leaning forward (perhaps for a closer look at the objects for sale), and the other woman appears to be touching/handling the items on display. Because the woman in the chair is turned to face the two
standing women, I would imagine the three women are discussing either the prospects of buying one or more of the items on display, the nature of the items more generally, or their creator. In any event, the conversation is most likely centered on the stand's contents. -Nicole Ortegòn

It's an art/craft festival on campus. Students are considering purchasing one of the frames as a gift for mother's day. They are not related, just friends, or customers. It is in a park or green space on campus on Saturday, mid-morning. -Kim Kessaris

People are milling about on a hot humid summer day at a crafts fair in West Side Park in Champaign. The vendor looks like she is wilting. It looks like she is selling glass knick knacks. -Sharon Irish

The first one looks like some sort of "spring expo" vendors set up on a grassy area, with booths set up selling or promoting products. bored students take advantage of the nice weather to check out the goods, and each other. -Jim Dailey

You might consider:

- What seems to be taking place in the picture (i.e. an
   event, an activity, etc.).

- What in the scene leads you to your conjectures?

- Describe the environment, setting, or ambiance.

- Consider the people in the picture.

- What do observe about them (i.e. in terms of age,
   attire, etc.)?

- How do you think the people are related to one

- How does your perception of the people and setting
   relate to your overall understanding and 
   interpretation of the scene?