You might consider:

- What seems to be taking place in the picture (i.e. an
   event, an activity, etc.).

- What in the scene leads you to your conjectures?

- Describe the environment, setting, or ambiance.

- Consider the people in the picture.

- What do observe about them (i.e. in terms of age,
   attire, etc.)?

- How do you think the people are related to one

- How does your perception of the people and setting
   relate to your overall understanding and 
   interpretation of the scene?

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I like this picture a lot. I like it because they seem to all be quite engaged in something that seems important to the individuals sitting there. It's a sense of community in that they are each doing something that seems important to them. They are in an environment that is supporting the activity that they are engaged in. It seems like a very supportive place for gathering, learning, or studying. -Kitty Robles

Students study in a well lit room, probably on a rare sunny day in winter or early Spring (attire). Not much socializing. Intense facial expressions and body language. Books and papers, no food or drink.  Some discussion may be going on between students in pairs but it is "business" not pleasure. Could be modern day (attire). -Steven A. Bluhm

The room looks like some kind of study/social area in a well funded university. The students are white and asian. They have winter coats strewn about so it is probably cold out. The students have study materials out but for the most part are talking to each other. -Sue Darboven

Young people, probably studying or thinking about studying because they need to in order to pass their classes. -Sharon O'Brien

More studying, a bit more socializing, gossiping, connecting. Less boredom than the previous study session. -Jim Dailey