You might consider:

- What seems to be taking place in the picture (i.e. an
   event, an activity, etc.).

- What in the scene leads you to your conjectures?

- Describe the environment, setting, or ambiance.

- Consider the people in the picture.

- What do observe about them (i.e. in terms of age,
   attire, etc.)?

- How do you think the people are related to one

- How does your perception of the people and setting
   relate to your overall understanding and 
   interpretation of the scene?

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Guy + girl flirting with each other, probably just met. -Linda Akutsu

Pool tables: a bar, probably in the Midwest, probably in late fall (attire); maybe an old picture from the '70's (hair, popularity of Miller Lite). The woman in the foreground is explaining something to the young man, who is saying by his posture that he really doesn't have time for this and wants to leave (but doesn't have anything else to do). -Steven A. Bluhm

Couples talking & playing pool. Socializing for the purpose of gathering. Not related to each other...probably dating or just friends; they are in a bar-like atmosphere; a safe environment. I can't
tell the time of day because they are indoors and the room is dark. -Sharon O'Brien

Playing pool, hanging out, making friends as a break, or because this is one of the regular haunts. They are there to escape, to play pool, relax. they are just meeting or know someone who knows someone. They are in a pool campus and open to the community. It is after 5:00 p.m. -Kim Kessaris

More awkward socializing, made somewhat better with the alcohol lubricant - they do look sweet, awkward, probably just right for each other. I hope they hit it off and are happy ever after. -Jim Dailey