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It looks like there is a teacher or a facilitator sitting to the side. What is interesting is there is quite a diverse group here in discussion. They seem to be focused on a particular issue, but again there is this difference in gender, age and possibily socioeconomic class. I like that the techer (person in pink) is standing to the side, not between the subjuct and students. -Kitty Robles

Two stick figures (boy, girl) and five words, one underlined twice.  Six civilians in a sparsely furnished, undecorated classroom. One wears a modern mini-microphone, but not so modern that it is wireless; this department is not the best funded on campus.  In the foreground, sits a balding, gray haired observer. A male student in a tee shirt has a soft drink, probably breakfast, and wears a watch cap (green) so he doesn't have to comb his hair; he is trying to look awake but not fooling the observer. A female student also wears a hat but it is a stylish red knobby knit to match her sweater, and her hair is neat where it shows. It is probably late winter or early Spring. One student animatedly points to the board; the microphone person is talking. -Steven A. Bluhm

The room looks like a classroom (white walls, chalkboard, no windows) in an American (attire) university (ages of people in the room). The people seem to be animatedly talking about what is written on the chalkboard. -Sue Darboven

I hope this is not the typical class situation. "The judgment of human personhood?" What is going on here? I think they are looking at a slide show, that has been washed out by the flash. Thank god I am no longer in college. Jim Dailey

You might consider:

- What seems to be taking place in the picture (i.e. an
   event, an activity, etc.).

- What in the scene leads you to your conjectures?

- Describe the environment, setting, or ambiance.

- Consider the people in the picture.

- What do observe about them (i.e. in terms of age,
   attire, etc.)?

- How do you think the people are related to one

- How does your perception of the people and setting
   relate to your overall understanding and 
   interpretation of the scene?