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The Team working on the preliminary drawing for the website.
  At the lowest points of the research process,  
  At the lowest points of the research process, the faculty members worried about whether the fieldnotes (and the backlog of unwritten notes) could support the book-length project, the student researchers were frustrated by the style and content of the weekly meetings, and the graduate students felt torn between the student researchers and the faculty. We emphasize that these frustrations reflect strains imposed by a collaborative project that suffered from little prior planning and overtaxed the lives of all involved. We also note, however, that we can trace some of these frustrations to the tension between collaborative and authoritative models of our process. If faculty members sought to rely on a collaborative model as much as possible, they also saw moments when they wanted or needed to direct others’ work. If student members enjoyed and needed a measure of autonomy in deciding what to observe, they also sought guidance and direction from those with more experience and knowledge about ethnography, writing, and the university itself. (Chapter 3)  
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