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  Ethnography of the Brown v. Board of Education Jubilee Commemoration-EBC  
  In the academic year 2003-04, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign hosted a year-long, comprehensive “Jubilee Commemoration” of Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision on school desegregation. On- and off-campus units and individuals were invited to apply for Jubilee Commemoration funding to support events, performances, lectures, readings, films, and exhibits....As a supplement to this enormous effort, campus administrators decided to study the commemoration itself: hence the genesis of the Ethnography of the Brown v. Board of Education Jubilee Commemoration—EBC for short. EBC, a research collaborative of ten undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty, used ethnographic methods of sustained participant observation, interviews, and field research to study both the public life of the Commemoration year and the campus’s broader “dialogue” on race and diversity. (Introduction)  
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  The EBC Website  
  This website is intended to give people an introduction to the findings of the EBC with links to the full report. The website is divided into six sections: Brown Commemoration, EBC, The Team, EBC Report,
Observed Events, and EBC Day-to-Day.
  Brown Commemoration  
  This section provides a link to the official Brown Commemoration website with listings of events, presentations, related readings etc., as well as information about the people who made it possible, the Producers.  
  This section is about EBC. It explains what an ethnography is (Ethnography: A Primer), the purpose of EBC (The Charge), how it came to be (EOTU to EBC), how it was funded (Cross-Campus Initiative), and how it involved students and the community (Events and Students, Commemoration and Community).  
  The Team  
  This section is about the people that worked on EBC, how they worked together, and their reactions to what they learned.  
  EBC Report  
  This section is the main part of the website and provides access to the full report.  
  Observed Events  
  This section is comprised of student researchers thoughts, field notes, and photographs on selected Brown Commemoration events, presenters and happenings.  
  EBC Day-to-Day  
  This section is the nuts-and-bolts of how this project was accomplished. It includes how the team members decided which events to attend (Scheduling), learned how to conduct an ethnography and interviews (Conducting Ethnography, Interviews), and manage the technical aspects of working together (Webboard, Notes on Notes, Drafting the Report).