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EUI has a community site in the Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship. There student projects are archived to serve future researchers, both EUI-affiliated and others, as they pursue their own studies on the university. The site is easily searched and provides a wealth of data from students on issues such as Diversity on Campus/Equity and Access, Student Learning, and The University and the Community. > go to IDEALS site


Award Winning Presentations and Posters

EUI Spring 2009 Student Conference Presentation Award

"Educating our Youth on Queer Topics: Is UIUC Truly a Community Leader?" by Kari Britton (archive and video of presentation)

EUI Spring 2009 Student Conference Poster Award

"Underlying Reasons Behind Racially Divided Residence Halls" by Sonny Song (photo)

EUI Fall 2008 Student Conference Presentation Award

"Access Your Letters: How Greek Life Contributes to Disabilities Awareness at the University" by Tony Greif (archive and video of presentation)

EUI Fall 2008 Student Conference Poster Award

"University Admissions: What Do They Unveil About a School's Disability Program and About the Times?" by Joshua Glaser (archive and photo)

EUI Spring 2008 Student Conference Presentation Award

"Just an 'Exotic-Sounding Name'? Debating the Ku Klux Klan in UIUC History" by Stephan Lane (archive and video of presentation)

EUI Fall 2007 Student Conference Presentation Award

"What is a Non-Traditional Student at Illinois State University?" by Andrew Chamberlain (archive)


Exceptional Projects

In addition to our conference award winners, each semester EUI identifies a handful of exceptional projects. These projects are selected for what they teach us about our institutions, our students, and the processes of course-based research.

"Lucking Out with a Good TA: One Lecture, Several Discussions" by Anita Chary (archive)

"Korean Grocery Stores Influence on Korean American Identity" by Brian Worrasangasilpa (archive)

"Islamic Feminism and All-Female Housing" by Anonymous (archive)

"University of Illinois Myths" by Nichol Chontofalsky (archive)

"What Does La Casa Cultural Latina Mean to Its Active Student Population?" by Ryan Files (archive)

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