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EUI began as an interdisciplinary seminar in 2002-03 sponsored by the UIUC Center for Advanced Study. Activities in 2002-03 focused on a consideration of what it means to know a university ethnographically. Further, 2002-03 events took up consideration of a number of practical matters germane to the piloting of EUI as a pedagogical project.

Events in 2003-04 were funded in part by a grant from Humanities in a Globalizing World, one of the Cross-Campus Initiatives sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor. The EUI Working Group met bi-weekly to discuss Globalization and the University: how globalizing processes are affecting U.S. universities, and how U.S. universities are affecting globalization.

Activities in 2004-05 were funded in part by a Ford Foundation grant to the Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society. As part of the Ford initiative, EUI student researchers studied how race and diversity are taken up in various courses at the university. In related work, EUI's partner project, the Ethnography of the Brown v. Board of Education Commemoration (EBC), produces a report and book manuscript.

Each year EUI hosts a series of public events, symposia, and conferences.

EUI Training Workshops
Each May EUI hosts a three-day faculty orientation and training session designed to help introduce new faculty and courses to the initiative. Newly appointed EUI instructors participate in a roundtable discussion with past faculty, develop and discuss appropriate course exercises, learn various strategies for incorporating ethnographic and archival methodologies into the classroom, and are oriented to the protocols of institutional review and archiving.

EUI Film Series
Beginning in spring 2007, EUI launched a semester long film series in which faculty selected University-themed movies for viewing by the EUI student body at large. For the list of these films on or about the University and for a comprehensive list of university films, please follow these links.

2006-2007 EUI Film Series
University Films

EUI Talks
Over the years EUI has been presented in colloquium at various educational seminars and conferences across North America. Here you'll find a list of our most recent speaking engagements, with links to conference programs and other event materials.

2007 Presentation to the Center for Teaching Excellence Annual Faculty Retreat: "EUI: An Online Archive of Undergraduate Student Research on the University"

2006 Presentation to Allerton Articulation Conference

2005 Presentation to Program in Professional Writing

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