Courses: Overview

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Since 2003, EUI has sponsored over 140 courses at the University of Illinois across diverse colleges and disciplines. EUI-affiliated courses are also offered at other campuses, including the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois State University, Ithaca College, Parkland College and Syracuse University.

College of Fine Art(click to view)

School of Art + Design

Art History 491
Topics in Art History: Collecting East Asia
Anne Burkus-Chasson
Spring 2013

College of Education (click to view)

Education Policy Studies 199
Ethnography in a Community Context
Nicole Lamers
Spring 2013

Education Policy & Organizational Leadership

Educational Organization and Leadership 574
Diversity in Higher Education
Lorenzo Baber
Spring 2013

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (click to view)

Department of Anthropology

Anthropology 399
Language in the Real World
Brenda Farnell
Spring 2013
**Multimedia Course


Department of East Asian Languages

East Asian Languages and Cultures 285/Anthropology 285
Introduction to Korea Through Film: Globalization of People, Ideas and Commodities through Film and Social Media
Erica Vogel
Spring 2013
**Multimedia Course; Living-Learning Communities Course

Department of English

Rhetoric 233
Advanced Composition: Sustainability at the University of Illinois
Linda Larsen
Spring 2013



Department of History

History 200
Introduction to Historical Interpretation: Vietnam War Era
Leslie Reagan
Spring 2013

History 399/Latino/a Studies 390
Oral History
Mireya Loza
Spring 2013

History 472
Immigrant America: Greater China in Illinois
Poshek Fu
Spring 2013
**Multimedia Course

Graduate School of Library and Information Science(click to view)

Library and Information Science 592
Evolving Archives Initiative
Joanne Kaczmarek, Ellen Swain, Rachel Mattson
Spring 2013

Other Campuses (click to view)

Illinois State University

Anthropology 302
Gina Hunter
Spring 2013

Parkland College

English 106
Accelerated Composition
Deanna Williams
Spring 2013

Anthropology 103
Cultural Anthropology
Isabel Scarborough
Spring 2013
**Multimedia Course