Reading University Documents (Abelmann)

Section 1


I use this exercise for two reasons: first, to guide students to realizing that all university units embrace particular ideas-and that in many cases even single documents reveal competing or contradictory ideas; and second, because this is often a great way to help students identify a unit or aspect of the university that interests them. I give them the following instructions.

Please select a "university document." Most likely, your document will be an on- or off-line short text produced by a campus unit (e.g., the mission statement of a club, university office, department etc.) Please provide the URL for the text/site and offer a short analysis of it. In the analysis you should pay attention to its:

  1. implicit assumptions (i.e., what do you have to believe/think/endorse in order to be able to follow/agree with this text);
  2. its use of language (e.g., repeated phrases, rhetorical devices); and
  3. its internal contradictions or changes of style. You should also indicate what intrigues/interests you about this text. Although not necessary, it might be good to find a text that is related to something about the university that already intrigues you (for some of you this assignment will inaugurate your ethnographic project).

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